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Healing Spaces

home organizing ​​​​

Reclaim your space,
feel refreshed and at home again!

How can I help you ?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

​Did you just move in and wish every object would find its ideal place right out of the box?

​Do you need help to deal with a specific crisis-moment in your life?​

Whatever your situation may be, if you are here it means that you have done the hardest part, deciding to act!

Like any challenge in life, there’s no need to fix it all at once, you just need to take things one step at a time.

And you don't have to do it alone!

A bit about me...

Hi, my name is Daphne, and my superpower is helping people find a sense of space, of peace and healing through re-organizing their home!

It is a transformative experience for most clients, and a deeply rewarding one for me.

At the heart of my practice lie two principles: compassion and joy for what I view both as a riddle to be deciphered and a journey to living a better life.

I know that going through one’s possessions, sorting through it, shedding whatever feels excessive and deciding to keep only what feels good and necessary can be a daunting task! It is time-consuming and sometimes the sheer volume of clutter can be discouraging. It requires attention and stamina and an overall vision of where you want to go as well as organizing skills.


That’s where I come in, to help you, guide you, provide practical solutions, and inspire you through the process!


The founder of Healing Spaces Home Organizing

Some examples of what we can accomplish together

  • a closet or pantry in which you can find any item at a glance

  • an office space where you can focus better and be creative

  • a kid’s play room that can be easily cleared at the end of the day by the kids themselves – while they’re having fun doing it!

  • a DIY plan or some extra tips about staying organized

  • reclaiming your garage space and putting it to use in a more functional way

  • a neat and functional laundry room...

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