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Well Organized Closet

Downsizing & Reorganizing

From a simple drawer to an entire house, I will help you go through your items and sort out what you want to keep from what feels unnecessary, outdated or that no longer brings you any joy.

Once we have downsized, we will reorganize your space by making sure that each item finds its ideal spot.

We will purchase storage solutions if needed and decide how to best dispose of the items that you are letting go of.

Color coded wall Shelves

Optimizing & Seasonal touchup

A custom service meant to help you make the most of the space, items and storage solutions that you already have.


Optimizing centers on finding the unique system that works for you, whether it is rotating seasonal clothes, updating a kid's room as they grow or reimagining a room's function after a change in the family.

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Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Unpacking your move

If you wish every item would find its right place right out of the box, then this service is for you!

Together we can make the unpacking more efficient by thinking through your new space, organizing as we go.

Clothes Hanging in well arraged closet

DIY Action plan

Do you want to downsize and reorganize yourself but need some advice about how to go about it?

Make me your organizing ally and let me help you get some ideas and an action-plan adapted to your goals and your schedule !

After our consultation, sessions can be done virtually. I can be your accountability partner and help you as you go.

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Pricing starts at $70/hour                

Sessions are usually 3h long

Multi-session packages available with discounts


  • We talk about how you want the space/room to look like and feel. My job is to listen to you. Every person is different and my goal is to help you accomplish your unique vision.


  • We open doors, closets, cabinets and drawers, look at our targeted space, take stock of what we find there without judgement.


  • We set up an action plan, according to how many sessions and how much time we have. We go through your items, categorize, downsize, and put away whatever doesn't stay, for donations or for sale.


  • We reorganize your items and set up a new system for you to be able to maintain the benefits of our work together after I'm gone.

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